Wall Mounted Pompeii (2017)

“Wall-mounted Pompeii” represents the artificial method of the volcano which produces plastiglomerates, a rock that challenges our idea of the artificial. Partly plastic, partly pumice, it is created when plastic is molten in volcanic ash clouds. Lilliestierna uses this marker of the Anthropocene to describe the journey from the artificial to “something of this earth”.

This artwork is the first ever made with synthetic plastiglomerate.

Complete set of 8 rings:

  • Mount Kilauea, obsidian lava sand Punalu, Hawaii
  • Eyjafjallajokul volcanic ash April 29 2010, Iceland
  • Mount Redoubt volcanic ash, Alaska
  • Mount Tarvurvur volcanic ash sand, Rabaut, New Guinea
  • Mount Cerro Azul, ash 1932, Chile
  • Mount Augustine ash March 27 1986, Alaska
  • Mount Etna volcanic ash, Sicily
  • Puú Muhana cinder cone volcanic sand Papakoela beach, Hawaii


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