“CREATING A VOID” Ballengée – Tondeur

Brandon Ballengée will show works from his series “Frameworks of Absence” previously shown at the Armory Show (New York, USA) in 2015, and “A Habit of Deciding Influence: Skins”.
Anaïs Tondeur will show works from her series “A Hole in the Sky”.

For “Frameworks of Absence” Ballengée physically cut images of missing animals from historic publications printed at the time in history when the depicted species became extinct. The cut-outs expose the bare wall in the shape of these extinct species. Ashes in vials of the cut-out images burnt by the artist can be ceremoniously scattered or saved as part of the mourning process. “A Habit of Deciding Influence: Skins” results from Ballengée’s time as an artist-in-residence at the Natural History Museum in London in 2003, where he photographed “skins” from Darwin’s personal collection of pigeon specimens.

The drawings “A Hole in the Sky” by Anaïs Tondeur are inspired  by the UK geophysicist Sidney Chapman (1888–1970) who, 75 years ago, proposed that astronomers could improve ultraviolet measurements if artificial ozone holes were chemically punched in the Earth’s atmosphere above observatories. In addition, Tondeur shows 6 rayograms from the “Chernobyl Herbarium”.

At the occasion of this inaugural exhibition ALTER EGO ART PROJECTS published the book “A Hole in the Sky – Anaïs Tondeur” with an exclusive interview with the artist.

In The Garage section, collages are shown by the French, US-based artist Axelle Kieffer.


Installation view “CREATING A VOID” – Ballengée

Installation view “CREATING A VOID” – Tondeur

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