Alter Ego Art Projects

Alter Ego Art Projects is an international initiative to promote contemporary art intersecting with science & technology. We promote SciArt, and Transdisciplinary Art. We are headquartered in Belgium, one of the hotbeds of contemporary art.

Alter Ego Art Projects’ first project is (launched in 2016). The gallery is nomadic.

During the 2017 Spring and Summer seasons you could find us at Ebbestraat 5, 8300 Knokke, Belgium.

We enjoy showing our collection in our gallery spaces and during art fairs, but we do offer the convenience of online viewing and private viewings at our HQ in Mechelen.

We ship our art worldwide in collaboration with specialised partners.

The tangible field force between rational and irrational is an immense source of inspiration

The gallery selects its artists on purity, quality and fit. This provides art collectors with a comfortable predictability, whilst leaving room for surprise -  Thé Transdisciplinary Contemporary Art Gallery.



When art intersects with science, poetry is born.


Who is who?

Dr. Alain Segers, Founder-Director
Alain is a business-nerd, but foremost he is passionate about art. He has been busy reconciling apparent contradictions for many years. He takes care of the business side of things.


Ana Sofia Contrucci, Art Director

Sofia is an arts manager with a MA in Visual Arts Management and Curating from Richmond the American International University in London. Having lived in Rio de Janeiro, New York, London and Paris she has international experience working in both public and private art sectors. In  2015 she interned at the South London Gallery. She is currently living in Paris and recently became a board member of the Centre Culturel du Brésil. She takes care of the artistic side of things.

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